Feb 22, 2006
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Shall I go for online course for regular studies and/or preparation of competitive exam or choose the traditional classroom coaching?

Perhaps this is the most common confusion with every other student planning to begin his/her preparation. Online learning is on the rise these days and it’s not hard to see why. E-learning courses have become quite popular as they outstand traditional classroom coaching on many parameters.

Online learning is very convenient. Students can fit the course around their existing responsibilities and commitments, and can engage with the learning materials at whatever time is most convenient to them. Even better, they don’t need to travel anywhere to study. They can simply log in to the virtual campus from the comfort of their home.

Let’s see how online learning outstands traditional classroom learning and why you should go for it.

1- Personal Attention of Teachers

One of the biggest drawbacks of classroom coaching is the large batch size which results in lack of interaction between teacher and students. In fact, sometimes the batch size is too large that the teacher hardly knows any of his/her students. In online classes, if live, batch size is comparatively very small thus helping every student get personal attention of the teacher, giving him/her a sense of belongingness and mentorship.

Online classes are interactive and not just one way delivery, thus making it better than traditional classroom coaching.

2- Higher Retention Rates

Retention rates in traditional classroom learning are quite low as compared to the ones in online learning. In traditional classrooms, lecture is delivered only once resulting in benefits to some and confused state of mind to many. Whereas in online learning, a student can watch the video of same concept any number of times until he/she gets the conceptual clarity.

According to a study, online courses have increased student retention rates from anything from 25% to 60%. Knowledgeable and engaging multimedia content, more control over how the students take in the material and less chance of classes clashing with other commitments, all contribute to higher retention rates.

3- Cost Effective

Online learning cuts the cost incurred by almost half as compared to traditional classroom coaching. Online learning saves the cost incurred on transportation, cost of housing as more often than not, students move to another city famous for the coaching of a particular course which puts many folds burden on parents’ pocket. In addition to being cost effective, e-learning saves the time involved in getting back and forth to classes, plus the time spent waiting for tutors and other students. E-learning options don’t require the students to dedicate large chunks of time to the course. Instead they can split the time they are investing in the course in whichever way works for them.

4- Learning at One’s Own Pace

Unlike traditional classroom set up, which works on “one size fits all” policy, online learning lets the students learn and study at their own pace and in their own style. A student does not need to match up to someone else’s pace and style of learning. In online learning, students can assess the lectures anytime, anywhere and any number of times accommodating to their need, whenever they want.

5- Live Query Resolution

In traditional classroom coaching, students hardly get a chance to clarify their doubts due to which, many of their queries remain unhandled till the end of the course. This is usually because of a large batch size and absence of any personal interaction between teacher and students. Also, traditional coaching does not prioritise doubt clarification. But this is not the case with online learning. Many of the online courses organize special or separate live query resolution sessions for a time duration long enough to handle queries of all the students of a batch.

6- Fun and Engaging

Unlike classroom coaching, online classes make the learning fun. Classroom coaching is usually considered to be boring with a lack of engaging material. Rather they work on their principles or better said, prioritizing their own beliefs than taking into consideration a student’s aspects. Being totally opposite, online classes are usually fun and engaging. They involve gamified quizzes, animated videos to make learning fun. This makes the learning process more interactive and enjoyable.

7- More Options to Choose From

Many a times, students usually end up choosing a course that might not entirely suit their need. But one has to choose it because there are hardly any options matching to everyone’s needs in classroom coaching. Whereas, online courses offer a variety to choose from. In fact many service providers even offer customizable courses.

Online learning is surely a very rewarding experience. There is no question that online learning has caught up and even surpassed traditional classroom learning on many parameters. So if you’re wondering whether that online program is better than traditional learning and will add any value to your preparation, the answer is an emphatic yes!

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