About Fliplearn

Fliplearn is an award-winning online subscription-based homework transformation platform with curated content from World Class players helping schools in India to leap frog to a digital ecosystem for their homework, assessment and learning needs.

With an array of exclusive features, the Fliplearn Edge has delivered personalized learning solution via its proprietary Homework Transformation System (HTS) to over 400 schools and 400,000 students as on November 2021. Fliplearn vision is to impact over 1 billion homework assignments given each day in India.

The novel and unprecedented ‘Homework Transformation System’ aims to revolutionize the way homework is assigned to and attempted by the students. Addressing the common concerns of the parents, students and teachers, the Homework Transformation System seeks to remove the stress and resistance associated with doing homework and make the practice more fun and enjoyable for all the stakeholders.

The reformatory system allows teachers to assign homework on a single click, provides for automated correction and also an option to create their own content using Fliplearn’s extensive question bank comprising of 2.5 lakh questions. In addition, the teacher can track analytics and the homework performance of the entire class. The system offers better efficiencies through time saving, customization and a personalized approach to the overall homework assessment system.

The specially curated content repository from Fliplearn is sourced from the world class players in the education industry and is mapped to the country’s national and major state boards.

Redefining Homework Delivery in India

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Featuring myriad resources ranging from animated videos, gamified quizzes, real life applications, mind maps, interactive worksheets and many more, students can refer to a plethora of content and achieve learning at their own pace. With its footprints across major Indian states, ‘Fliplearn’ seeks to remodel the online learning practices across the country. Fliplearn Education is founded by Ms. Divya Lal, a revolutionary educationist and a visionary leader. A leading icon in the EdTech industry, Ms. Lal is passionate about providing access to quality education and innovative solutions that seek to bring about a change in our present teaching and learning systems.

The firm is headquartered in Gurugram.


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