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Fliplearn Edge is a virtual learning tool for learning institutions to help guide, monitor and evaluate a student's learning even when the child is at home.

Our features have been curated to give students a fun and interactive learning experience.

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Inclusive Environment

Strong Parent Connect

Empower Your School With

The Best Learning System

Help Teachers Teach and Administer Better

Teachers can assign homework or tests to students. Curated with award-winning first-class content with automated correction and it also helps teachers to control and selective restrictions.

Curated Award Winning, World-Class content

Live Class Conferencing

Assign Homework/ Assignments/ Tests

Teacher Control and Selective Restrictions

Reports/Performance Monitoring

Guide Students To

Perform Better With Interactive Learning

Students learn the concepts easily with a collective and stress-free learning environment.It helps them to grow and learn at their own pace.

Help Learn
Concepts Easily

Learning Environment

Learning Environment

Help Them Learn At
Own Pace

Parents Understand Learning Progress Easily

Parents can interact with teachers easily and monitor their child's progress and growth. Your child learns the concepts and ideas faster thereby enhancing academic performance.

Collaborative Learning Environment

Help your child understand concepts a learn faster

Assign Homework/ Assignments/ Tests

Closely monitor progress

Better academic performance

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